Rebekah Henty has spent her working life equally in the fields of Fashion & Beauty and the Healing Arts and is dedicated to their convergence.

Born in Sydney, Australia, she was, in her twenties, an award-winning magazine beauty editor, specializing in the emerging trend toward natural and holistic beauty. Rebekah then moved to Paris to apprentice at the highest levels of the Fashion Media Industry, as assistant stylist to editors for Italian Vogue, Harpers & Queen and Vanity Fair.

In France, surrounded by the most gorgeous creatures and clothes in the world, Rebekah began to practice yoga and search for the deep roots of beauty, well-being and feminine empowerment—a journey that led to a remote, mountainous region of India where she folded saris and studied yoga at an ashram for 18 months before moving to the U.S. in 1998.

While providing specialized yoga and healing services to clients, particularly those in the high-pressured Entertainment and Media industries, Rebekah again felt the strong call of fashion and beauty. She developed Ishkara Regenerating Complex, a chemical-free beauty product and the foundation of her own Fashion & Beauty brand uniting high design and values.

Rebekah believes in the power of fashion and beauty to support women, the environment and the global community. Her passion: to explore and express fashion, beauty and healing as a single transformative paradigm.

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Photography Gerald Jenkins 


Photography David Jay 


Photography Gerald Jenkins 


Photography Nicholas Samartis