A philosophy is a life's journey. Rebekah Henty's product philosophy is based on her lifelong question: “What is true beauty?”
Beauty presents itself in infinite forms: classical, extreme, smooth, irregular, wild, subtle...
Yet there are more dimensions to beauty than can be seen on the surface. When something looks beautiful but its underpinnings are not, there is the subtlest awareness of a break with beauty.
Is that gorgeous red lipstick that was product-tested on animals truly beautiful? Is a dilapidated, ancient hand-carved sculpture truly imperfect? 
For Rebekah, true beauty appears in myriad forms and material expressions but is consistently based on the energies of love and nature rather than those of waste and destruction.
As much as possible her products reflect this philosophy and are based on the following values: 


  • Target Products
    Fashion & Beauty products that complement a woman’s existing wardrobe and regimen. Products that are not disposable or “fast” but of lasting quality and effect, filling a gap in a woman's life and the market. 
  • Global Expression
    Pared-down design that reaches beyond defined culture into a more universal, global and modern spirit of the Feminine. 
  • Freedom
    Clothes and cosmetics that support women, by design, in their freedom of movement, action and self-expression. Products that are beautiful and efficient, giving women greater access to self and an edge of empowerment. 


  • Materials
    Always favoring organic, sustainable, natural materials, and seeking technologies to employ reclaimed and recycled materials. 
  • Chemistry
    Avoidance of synthetic (petrochemical) ingredients and processes. Always favoring natural, biodegradable elements. 
  •  Packaging
    Minimal packaging, recycled or recyclable. 
  • Carbon Footprint, Sustainable Energy
    Being conscious of our carbon footprint in the supply chain, manufacture and distribution of products, and taking whatever actions we can to offset it. Favoring energy efficiency and sustainable energy in all our operations. 


  • Fair Trade
    Just and humane prices for raw materials. 
  • Fair Wages
    Materials and products produced with just wages for workers and without slave labor. 
  • Opportunity
    Looking for possible ways to support women in business by providing commercial partnerships and opportunities. 
  • Sharing 11% of Profits
    Tithing is the ancient practice of giving a tenth of one's earnings to a cause or organization. Every year we choose a nonprofit that supports the well-being of women, children and the environment.
In 2017 we will be sharing 11% of profits from the sale of Ishkara Regenerating Complex with Barefoot College, a nonprofit organization based in Rajasthan, India, which is dedicated to educating women from all over the world in solar engineering so they can take the gift of sustainable light and power back to their villages.  Read more about Barefoot College.